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Machine Vision Powers Product Labelling Compliance

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Dual label products mean the risk of mistakes is double.

Can you cope with packaging variance when the customer wants the same product identity?

  • How many product recalls occurred in the last 12 months?
  • How much time have you spent on rework?
  • How much have you paid in customer fines?
  • How much product have you had to scrap?
  • Would you be worried about losing a major customer?
  • Do you need to reassure potential customers that you're up to the challenge?

Every time you key data into your systems, there is a chance an error could be made. Manually checking packaging isn't failsafe and holds up production. Why take the risk when the cost of a simple mistake can be so high.

If you are worried about human error affecting your business, you need to move to automatic setup and checking and get Product Information and Control Conformity: PIC2.

PIC2 is modular and flexible to support your needs no matter how simple or complex.

To understand how PIC2 can help you, visit our or Contact BEC.

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Date: 31st Oct 07

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